President of NAACP Houston chapter endorses gentrification project!

https://youtu.be/1l5igll9FHU   I couldnt believe it. It was just a week or two ago we reached out for their help. Dont know if this was a personal project or favor to his colleague, but it was a real blow to their own Homes for Houston housing program and the fight for housing for everyone.

President of NAACP Houston chapter endorses gentrification project!2019-06-10T18:54:35-05:00

Why it’s Time for Houston’s Planning Commission to Take a Stand

Power and property are up for grabs. Last week the Washington Terrace Civic Association (WTCA) made a power play at Houston planning commission and walked away with a two-week deferral for a pending townhome development. Residents made the case for preserving affordable single-family homes in their rapidly gentrifying community. They also presented a three-pronged approach to slowing gentrification city-wide in the process. The community protection standards include: Establishing minimum lot size protections for established neighborhoods (blocks with at least 75 percent consistent housing stock). This places the burden of petitioning on developers rather than residents. City-supported Complete Communities plans Diverse representation on the mayor-appointed planning commission   “This city puts the burden of responsibility on people who have no knowledge or experience navigating the planning process to protect themselves.Meanwhile, developers have a low barrier of entry and sophisticated teams to [...]

Why it’s Time for Houston’s Planning Commission to Take a Stand2019-05-28T08:12:39-05:00

Support Community Driven Development

Take a moment to sign our petition to support community driven development. We are proposing the following as solutions for residents to combat gentrification. 1. Require developers to seek approval from neighborhood civic associations or local organizations when the proposed development is not in line with the prevailing character in the neighborhood. 2. Encourage the City of Houston Planning Commission to support the adopted complete communities plan for Third Ward by judging proposed developments on long term impact to stakeholders as well regulatory standards. 3. Consider appointing individuals to the commission that have background in working with underserved communities. Sign Petition

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