Together We Stand

There are numerous work groups and projects that would benefit from your wealth of knowledge and expertise. We currently are focused on land use & property rights,  community outreach, safety & accessibility, and economic development  If you have a project that you want WTCA to pursue, be sure to suggest it in one of the meetings.

Here’s What’s Happening

See what people are saying! Check out news articles, press and WTCA blog posts for the latest and greatest on Washington Terrace, including original material from the residents themselves. Stay tuned for calls for writers.


Believe in Each Other

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Our Memories

Click here to check us out in action. Expect to see videos and photos of the Washington Terrace Civic Association carrying out its duties and enjoying life in the neighborhood.


Be Resourceful

There are plenty of resources available to us and often at no extra charge. Take a look at some of the resources available to help further our mission.