Board and Committees

Washington Terrace Civic Association (WTCA) affairs are managed by the Board of five (5) officers who must be residents and paid members of WTCA. They are elected by WTCA members for a two (2) year term. Elections are held at the first meeting in December of even-numbered years unless a special election is required.

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Each member of the WTCA Board is assigned a West/East boundary streets to represent. All other boundary streets not mentioned are represented by all Board members.

President –> Eagle / Wheeler / Ruth

Vice President –> Barbee / Blodgett

Secretary –> Isabella / Truxillo / Alabama

Treasurer –> Rosewood / Cleburne

Vacant Role


Vacant Role


Roz Jones


John Duncan



The Washington Terrace Civic Association (WTCA) is governed by our constitution and by laws. Download your copy today!

WTCA Constitution and ByLaws


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